Old World Elegance and Charm from Swedish Jazz Maestro

Potsdamer Platz: Jan Lundgren (ACT)

Just last week I met Wexford’s most famous Swede Fred Karlsson on the town. He was in fine form, attentive and courteous as always, and full of stories. One would never have known that Fred was suffering from jet-lag. That’s the thing with Swedes: not only are they among the friendliest people you can meet, they are also paragons of stoicism. So while they may be close to the top of the World table for happiness and life satisfaction, they are also right up there when it comes to keeping the best side out. Continue reading

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Modern Jazz Quartet: Django

On my turntable right now the album Django (1955) by the Modern Jazz Quartet. Lovin’ it.

Listen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8LFsuH1-YoM

This is what The Guardian says: https://www.theguardian.com/music/musicblog/2010/mar/24/modern-jazz-quartet-john-lewis

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Vesala’s Musical Homage to Helsinki

Helsinki Soundpost
Martti Vesala Soundpost Quintet
(Ozella Music)

Helsinki Soundpost is an aural pleasure from start to finish. Eight tracks, 50 minutes of majestic music. From the first insistent single note repetition of “Smoke” right through to the epic grandeur of album closer “Yamal” it engages totally.

In ways there are no surprises, no challenges to throw you. Sometimes that can be a negative. Not here. It’s like you have always known this music. Part classic East Coast American, part Scandinavian self-restraint. It insinuates itself into your mental soundscape. Half a century from now Helsinki Soundpost will sound as fresh to a new generation of jazz lovers as Birth of the Cool sounds to us now. Continue reading

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Seachtain na Gaeilge 2017

Wexford Echo 14 March, 2017: 032EC2017-03-14e1   033EC2017-03-14e1

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Morten Schantz – Godspeed

Godspeed is the name of a new trio headed by Danish composer, pianist and keyboardist Morten Schantz. He is joined by Norwegians, and fellow JazzKamikaze members, Marius Neset (soprano and tenor saxophones) and Anton Eger (drums).

The band’s debut album, recorded in 2015, has just been released on Edition Records. Morten Schantz describes it as “a leap into the unknown, about risk taking and seeking new territories”. The music can be filed under ‘power jazz’, ‘free jazz’ or ‘fusion’ – take your pick. Schantz cites Joe Zawinul and Weather Report as influences. He is also a big Herbie Hancock fan.
Continue reading

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Trí ailt agus dán álainn – Wexford Echo


Cúpla ailt ón Wexford Echo, 4 Aibrean, 2017: 046EC2017-04-04e1  047EC2017-04-04e1

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Comhaltas Cabaret Gets The Mix Just Right

The Wexford town branch of Comhaltas, Craobh Loch Garman, presented a unique St Patrick’s Weekend event to a packed house at Wexford Arts Centre last Saturday. The Comhaltas Cabaret brought together some of the county’s top traditional musicians, singers and dancers along with poets and storytellers. The evening was about nothing less than showcasing the wealth of traditional arts talent, at all ages, present in our local communities.  Keep reading!

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