And the prize for best festival supplement …

Wexford town is now well and truly in festive mode. And it’s wonderful. As Autumn fades rapidly to Winter and the nights close in, a deep-rooted primal communal spirit appears to take hold and bring out the pagan bacchanalian party animal in all of us. Laissez les bons temps rouler!
Both of Wexford local papers have festival supplements this week. One is a 20 pager with plenty of pictures, listings, a few previews/reviews, including short intros to the main operas. It looks well. The other is a 48 page opus magnum with in-depth previews and honest reviews, profiles, interviews with the stars of this year’s operas, details of some of the less obvious exhibitions and shows, nice images, reflections, well thought out commentary pieces, and a lovely piece by writer Colm Toibín. Did I mention the beautiful images in the latter publication? The photographer leaves us in no doubt that Norman Garrett (the character Koanga in the opera of the same name) is probably the snappiest dresser at this year’s festival … and he is a hunk! The same photographer captures Magali Simard-Galdès (Nicette in Le Pré aux Clercs) at her most beguiling wearing, as she does, a most delightfully muted come-hither smile.
First prize, then, to Wexford Echo on pulling out all the stops to produce what is a comprehensive and impeccably turned out festival supplement.

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