Julie Feeney at GB Shaw Theatre, Carlow


We went to Carlow’s new GB Shaw Theatre last Friday night to see the incomparably wonderful Julie Feeney. Her new album Clocks has just gone to no. 1 in the Irish Indie Albums Charts (or no. 7 in the Album Charts, nestling between Rod Stewart and Taylor Swift). Julie is coming to the end of a ten date tour of Ireland whereby she collaborates with a local choir in each of the towns she plays. Leo’s College Choir, under choir master Ian Curran, had that privilege in Carlow. Ian, a native of Newbawn in Co Wexford, is a former member, along with Julie herself, of the group Anúna. I can’t say that Anúna were ever very much on my register but what I can say is that Ian managed to wring a beautiful harmonious magic from these young ladies. They opened the show, from the rear of the theatre, with a gorgeous take on Impossibly Beautiful before joining Feeney and accompanists on stage. The next couple of hours flew by as our host took us on a fantastic journey to other-worldly places. In the process she proved that not only is she a master musician but a story-teller, a poet and a sorceress. I certainly walked out into the cold night air feeling bewitched, bothered (in a good way) and bewildered!

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